Artist. Free spirit. Seeker. Inspired by the environments and people around her, Rosalind divides her time between snowy mountains and ocean waves.
Growing up in the Swiss countryside above Lake Geneva, Rosalind was always outdoors enjoying her lush surroundings, whether skiing or simply hiking through the woods near her house. Moving to the ocean for her university years Rosalind completed a BA Hons majoring in Illustration at the University of Brighton and began recreating the world around her in her own, bold style.
After graduating the open road beckoned so Rosalind spent a year living out of a car circumnavigating Australia. Capturing the vivid colours and beautiful patterns inherent in the varied urban and natural environments she found, Rosalind’s style continued to develop as she travelled. Now spending half the year in New Zealand, this fresh environment provides an abundance of rich, new stimuli as well as a vast playground for activity with its island environment dominated by both the mountains and sea.
“The more interesting my surroundings are the more I am inspired to draw”
Rosalind’s restless spirit also applies to the wide variety of products she has illustrated; her distinctively bold designs can be found across the Alps as the graphics on Faction skis, on the OZED sunglasses adorning French beach goers and as stand alone art pieces decorating the walls of various establishments across the globe.
For Rosalind drawing is a way of taking what she loves from the world around her and visually processing it to create her own little universe in her head. She then feeds this directly into her beautiful images, one carefully drawn line at a time.